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Imagine creating Google News... in seconds!
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It's the component that's taking the industry by storm.


Even the critics love WebZinc, as the following press extracts clearly demonstrate. The question is, are you taking advantage of its power? Click here to download your copy today!

"Very straightforward. Perfect installation. Five lines of code... to gather all the information I wanted.
Bottom line: if you are looking to write a piece of software that interacts with a Web site designed for humans in any kind of automated fashion, you must check out WebZinc! It'll save you days and days of programming"
- Derek Ferguson, Editor, Dot Net Journal



"Probably the main strength of WebZinc is ... it really is very easy to use!
A few lines of code and you're done. In my usual state of extreme sleep deprivation,
I was getting some powerful techniques to work in no time at all.
If C# Today had a stamp of approval, I would be using it right now on this product"

"Back in May 2001, we reviewed the COM version and loved it.
Now it's been .NET-ified and we love it even more! I like the style of WebZinc - a lot"

"A very good buy ... I highly recommend it for anyone that needs to interact with data from the Web!"

"Well thought out - worth much more than the price tag!"

"Much as I hate praising a product... in this case, I'll make an exception! Congratulations, White Cliff!"


"It'll open up a whole new world for both your Web and VB applications!"

VBWeb.co.uk: "An excellent product... immensely useful for Webmasters wanting to integrate live content into their site or programmers wanting to integrate Internet information into their applications!"

vbPlanet.net: "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it - it receives our prestigious 5/5 'Must Have' component award!"

VB Square: "If I had to write this review in two words, they'd be: BUY IT!"

About.com COM review: "We can make an application that connects to the Internet, grabs the data and disconnects - in five minutes!"

vbGo: "We rate WebZinc as a definite winner. Don't reinvent the wheel - even if you did, you wouldn't get it this round!"

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