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Imagine creating Google News... in seconds!
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WebZinc .NET allows you to build exciting Web robots - in seconds!


Visit Web sites and perform complex processing. Login to Internet accounts and make changes automatically. Extract complex data and use it direct in your Windows applications. Fill out complex forms and submit data to suppliers.


With WebZinc .NET, the entire Internet becomes one user-friendly Web service. Just a few lines of code is all it takes to make things really happen.


You can use WebZinc .NET to perform tasks such as:

Login to your PayPal account and automatically send money
Extract all the latest headlines from absolutely ANY news Web site
Automatically extract and analyze the latest stock prices, using MSN Money
Open your Hotmail Web e-mail account and do anything behind the scenes
Send faxes online using a free fax service, such as TPC.int
Do all the exciting things regular Amazon & Google Web services WON'T LET YOU - no limitations!
Create your own specialized search engine, in literally minutes


With WebZinc .NET, it's never a problem.


WebZinc .NET automates the Internet for you. If you can do it in Internet Explorer, you can do it in WebZinc .NET. It's that simple. Use it in your Windows VB .NET or C# applications. Use it in your ASP.NET Web applications. Just reference the DLL and write the code. Pure simplicity .


But there's MORE.


WebZinc .NET also includes a whole range of intelligent text editing objects, to ensure any complex data extraction works perfectly. Even if you think it can't possibly be done, you bet it can - WebZinc .NET has thousands of methods of ensuring you only ever grab the exact data you want.


The latest release also supported a completely revamped object model, full XML and XSL support, 200% increased download speeds, advanced form-filling methods, support for Java applet control and even Web page "file upload controls".


And that's still not all. WebZinc .NET can even dial an Internet connection and update your Web site for you.


Plus it's so simple to get started, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!


WebZinc also comes with its own .NET Web Browser control , meaning you can actually allow users to see what the program is doing. And they can interact with the sites too, for total flexibility.


WebZinc .NET works. It allows you to build exciting (and complex!) Web robots within just minutes . That's why companies such as Merrill Lynch, British Telecom, Verisign, the Daily Mirror Group, ComponentSource and many others are powered by WebZinc .NET every single day.


You're missing out. It's about time you discovered WebZinc .NET.


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